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Comment: Defining terms......

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Defining terms......

Capital = Saved Production
Capitalism = Economic system that requires saved production.

What does a capitalist system look is a simple version.

Man starts widgets out of his garage at night, funding this adventure with savings from his day
Widgets sales are brisk and its time to grow the business. Man goes to bank to borrow capital. The banker loans him the savings, saved production, out of the savings accounts from the workers of the town.
Man hires three workers who then set up a savings account at the local bank. Now the entire town is vested into the business venture.
Let us say the business owner is a pig who mistreats his people.....which means he mistreating the bankers accounts.....

Capital is saved production

Now what does Wall Street work on....fractional reserves, a captive audience via the insurance and 401 world and regulatory capture for the regulation is done by government and not those vested.

Capital is saved has nothing to do with private ownership, that is an effect of the Constitution.

In a capitalist system the labor can bring down a bad cutting his funding. When the bankers has to have savings to have money the banker will protect his cash cow, the producers of the society.