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I ignore none of what you mention!

And... thank-you for your comments.

Hearing these things or observing their actions in a few instances, and 'KNOWING' their real purpose, are each catalysts of entirely different conclusions.

On the one hand we could run and hide like 'Chicken Little', we could run forward in panic and submit to chaos and rash action, and in general fulfill the goals of the Marxist dialectic in the creation of class warfare, chaos, only becoming agents of 'change for the sake of change'! But, in so doing we would fall into the trap of destroying the Republic through the fires of revolution... exactly the bought and paid-for outcome sought by the enemies of freedom. Once started and controlled at it's onset, then through it's progression, by the CFR, we would simply dig the grave of the Republic!

On the other hand, we could take up the tools of which Ron Paul so ably and persuasively writes, shoulder the weapons of the electorate, and the ammunition of the Constitution, and face each objective fact and each substantiated attack, forcing them to stand or fall on their own merits.

Such attacks on liberty of which you speak, such profligacy as the purchase of billions of ammo, such oath breaking, such treasonous and bold acts as congress, the executive, and the Judiciary are even now in the act of committing, can each one, and every one, be struck down in due course by those best of weapons and tools of liberty!

It is the height of naiveté' to be enraged by the bold red flags waved against liberty, which tempt defenders to charge. It is the course of reason and strategy to stamp out the embers of perfidious actions which attack freedom, by using the strong but calm weapons our forebears afforded us in rule of constitutional law.

That is the army most feared by the 'powers that think they be', the CFR, the Fed, the globalist. They know full well that the power to vote can easily be retained by the people, that the constitution tears down all their arguments, that an informed electorate therefore is both their greatest foe, as well as the Republic's greatest friend!

The shortest path to effect a return to freedom, to the constitutional rule of law, still lays smack in the lap of the electorate! That one weapon still strikes fear in the heart of tyrants!

The one task which is now the single most effective and most critical above all others... is that of turning on the electorate, in each precinct, to the real reason for their pain!