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Comment: I'd like to become friends

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I'd like to become friends

I'd like to become friends with more liberty minded folk, as the one's I have met thus far are the best. Now that the election is over, maybe it is time to step it up a notch and keep networking. I myself would like to consider moving to Arizona or the Southwest for some health reasons, just having a tough time convincing myself to just go, but I would like to work with other liberty minded people. Perhaps others know of opportunities in economic liberty (or economic development) in the southwest area? California just seems out of the question given their political situation. No I have some health problems and am trying to get back on the roles of healthcare and I want to work and want to earn it. Should be easy right? Been laid off since December. Besides that, I enjoy rock hounding, gold panning, home brewing. I would like to find others with similar interests and walk the walk and talk the talk. I am divorced. Long story short, I want to keep moving towards independence. Could use some help along the way and want to return the favor too.

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