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No. Morality is the NOTION of


Morality is the NOTION of HAVING behavior/thought guidelines. It is not the PARTICULARS. In my example, I did not call the authors who wanted to game the Amazon system amoral -- lacking morals. I said their morals on this subject don't align with mine. (If you want to be all definitional about it, my camp would call their camp immoral and their camp would call my camp immoral. Neither would accuse the other of being amoral. Does that make sense? I accuse them of using friend-first or tribal morality outside its justification.)

I can thrust my particular morality in this case into the marketplace; they can thrust theirs. The network of people who comprise the the marketplace will decide which morality they're more into. (More likely they won't decide it on such absolute terms; they'll just have a greater trust in the reputations of one sort of author over another.) In neither case is morality absent. The particulars differ and are worked out in the terrible, wonderful clash the marketplace offers.

It's messy and not entirely linear and not without loss. But it's pretty cool in that it's individual people working that out, not someone(s) telling them what PARTICULAR MORAL CODE is going to defined as ORDAINED morality. Fewer mistakes, over the long run. Right?

P.S. I should say that I'm not against tribal, friends-first moralities in general. I just cringe when they mess with the bigger picture. I mean if you hit my friend at a bar, I'm going to intervene even if my friend was a jerk to you. Even if I would have hit her, too, for such jerky-ness. But I'm not going to stand by while someone outside the tribe does so. But I would not testify in court that she hadn't been a jerk to you. I would never gang-bad-review a book, like folks on DP called for numerous times during the election. For me the process of judging and acquiring information is far more important than agreeing with information. I kinda think that even when we latch onto some particular given moral code, it's wiggly and picks and choose from several structures. God may command mankind not to kill and then command the Israelites to kill indiscriminately. Even God seems uncertain about how the MORALITY plays out in the particular. Markets are one way we work toward a best fit for a moving target -- in an imperfect, dynamic world.