Comment: Thank goodness you are using your head

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Thank goodness you are using your head

A gap year (or 2 or 3) is a fine idea. If you need to borrow money for college, you had better be absolutely *certain* in this economy that your degree will net you a job that is worth the money your degree cost. It's a cost-benefit analysis. To be honest, many college degrees today are not worth (in job advantages and salary) what they cost. Actual work experience, initiative and performance may be just as valuable. In certain careers, degrees are required (i.e. medicine), but in many careers, an internship, apprenticeship or on-the-job training may be just as helpful, and cost you nothing. Peter Schiff has said many times that he is just as likely to hire someone without a degree as with one to work in his company if that person appears intelligent, competent and hard working.
Learn some business and entrepreneurial skills from your parents. Perhaps you can take over that business some day. You can always go to school in the future, either when you have saved enough money to do it without a loan, when you can earn a scholarship, or when the economic bubble in education bursts and college costs come down. I say all this as a parent of kids who will be graduating high school in the next 5 years. It is the same advice I give them. College is only worth the cost if it can net the student a job worth more than the cost of the degree. These days, that is rare.