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What is your objection with Jones?

Sarcasm noted; I understand the general objections with a "progressive" platform, much as I understand people's objections with a "libertarian" platform. But I also know that no candidate is exactly either. It is about direction and approach.

Ron Paul said he would have been in favor of paying for health-care if we withdrew from around the World and balanced our budget.

In the case of IL-02, where it is looking as if we could get an Independent voice in the race (if winning is out of the question, getting him into 2nd place would set him up to challenge Kelly in 2014).

I lean more "Green." To me that means I am not dead set against every Government program, but I favor low taxes on the General public and market (not against a Marijuana tax for instance, but against Income Tax), I support Gay Marraige. I'm not impressed by our currect International "Government" (IMF, WTO, World Bank, UN, NATO). I'm against most gun controls (safeties are an okay regulation).

I think Jones is closer to my sort of "Green." One that seeks balance and to represent the people.

Do you have any specific issues with why you couldn't support LeAlan Jones in his campaign to overcome Robin Kelly?

Would you rather have Greens or Democrats (even if as opposition to the Right, which would you prefer?)?

Jack Wagner