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Comment: There's a couple things to consider

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There's a couple things to consider

If you have potential scholarships, some of those don't last beyond a year. So, you need to take advantage of those while you can.

There's a good chance that an economic collapse will occur, so it's possible that college might not be the most logical choice.

However, we cannot be certain a financial collapse is just around the corner and so I say go for college. I don't like the idea of taking a break from school and I'll tell you why. 40% (I've crunched the numbers) of students I graduated HS with went on to college (myself included). Out of the 60% that didn't, 80% of those people never continued on to college. They either got families or got locked into employment and decided college wasn't the best route for them.

Those people are now making a bit over minimum wage, which by yearly standards is between 25k-30k. The people I know that graduated college are making between 50k-60k.

Granted, unemployment for grads is still a problem, so some of those alumni haven't gotten to experience their degree in practice, but the moral of the story is: unless you're a genius or just have that CEO spark, college is the best alternative.