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You should say what you mean

Just admit you're an anarchist who opposes Ron Paul's concept of limited government. Why? You may have forgotten what you said in a previous post so here's the link.

Here's a couple of quotes from your comment:

"Mark, do you believe that taxation is theft, and thus morally wrong? I do, and that is an important part of what makes me a free market capitalist."

"A true free market capitalist would see taxation as theft of an individuals means of production by use of force, and thus, it is morally indefensible."

How can you support Ron Paul's concept of limited government without being willing to pay some taxes? And how can you support this country's founding documents, which created a limited government with the power to tax, when you oppose all taxes? The only way to eliminate all taxes is to eliminate government and create a stateless society, which is anarchy. So why don't you say what you mean and admit you're an anarchist who opposes the founding principles of this country. You want to eliminate our gov't as founded because it has the power to tax, so you sure don't support the second amendment.

I've consistently advocated for the rule of law and provided evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors that have not been prosecuted. I oppose criminals who commit fraud, bankrupt their business and extort Trillions of dollars from taxpayers by threatening to destroy our economy. I'm a capitalist, not a free market capitalist, who believes in Ron Paul's concept of limited government and the rule of law, which requires a minimal amount of taxation. So why don't you say what you mean and denounce Ron Paul for supporting a limited government with the power to tax?

If you go to my website, you'll see that I repeatedly make the case that Wall Street is not capitalist. Too Big To Fail is the antithesis of capitalism. Wall Street and Obama's ideology closely resembles the socialist fascism under Hitler and Mussolini, where corporations partnered with the State to create an oppressive political and economic regime. The current US regime is a socialist fascist regime from hell. Fascism is not anarchy, so I agree with you, the system I'm complaining about has nothing to do with free market capitalism.

I've never said I'm angry at "fat cats", that's the language of Occupy Wall Street fascists. OWS organizers are Goldman Sachs minions who push for more socialism while their Nazi leaders sip cocktails in Wall Street penthouses and collect gov't subsidies. For more on the OWS connection with fascist corporations check out the post below. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)