Comment: Welcome To The Daily Paul JH94!!

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Welcome To The Daily Paul JH94!!

Know one can tell you what to do. I suggest you learn a useful skill or trade at some point...Let it be something you will enjoy that there is a demande for. Learn as much as you can at your own pace and don't let people pressure you to learn..

You have your whole life ahead of you, don't waste it. Going to college is great for some, others it is a big expense and no better off after graduation..Make sure college is right for you..

Just do me one favor - Don't put to much pressure on yourelf. Work hard and enjoy everything you do, because time passes you buy fast. Save your money and don't waste it on some useless venture.

Keep out of debt if at all possible and you will be much happier.

Remember, a man is rich in what he can afford to do without..

If you don't believe the above, you'll remember later in life what you could have done without..

When I was you age I made after taxes about $75 bucks a week and saved more than half of that. My first place was a furnished one bedroom studio for $90 bucks a month..and Lyndon Baines Johnson was our POTUS

Boy has the dollar gone down in value..

America is almost gone now, and along with it most of our freedoms.

Do the best you can and be polite, kind and cheerful to others..It was and still is an asset all through your life.

Read all of Ron Paul's books and learn the constitution backwards and forwards.

Keep in touch young man and chime in once in awhile and let us know how you are doin..

All the best,