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Do a little research on your

Do a little research on your champion Simoncini.

I have done all this research. A dear from of mine came to me more than a year ago asking for cancer research because her husband had been diagnosed with leukemia. She came to me because she knew she was quack-happy. She'd taken her husband, who couldn't even walk up a half-flight of stairs without gasping for breath, to a guy who called himself "doctor" and who only had a PhD in irisiology (that's a quack idea that you can diagnose disease from looking deeply into someone's eyes) from a university in Hawaii -- yeah, you guess it -- which had been shut down as a degree mile. He diagnosed her husband with adrenal fatigue.

One minute of research revealed that adrenal fatigue is just the latest pet diagnosis of quacks. Ten minute of research revealed her "doctor was a quack." I called and told her to get her husband to a real doctor. By the end of the day, she knew he had leukemia. A day later, she knew that her husband's healthy red blood cell was so low he could have died or at least suffered permanent brain damage within three days.

Don't delude yourself into thinking that "alternative" practioners aren't in it for the money. They're after the same dollar; they're just not willing to both trying to convince their peers through legitimate study or their pateints who have a skeptical bone in their bodies.

I dare you. Go to Simoncini's website. You'll find all this business about how the establishment isn't telling you stuff. You'll find all sorts of "evidence" of breakthrough and amazing results.

Here's what you won't find. One single bit of data on how you can apply this amazing breakthrough treatment yourself. No, it's all about paying to consult with him, go to his treatment center, or take his supplements. All about how you can spend money. Sound familiar?

How dare anyone demonize mainstream medicine as profit hungry without looking at the alternative "saints" they anoint. Really, I dare you do find one free piece of scientifically verified advice on this guy's or Icke's ramblings that is not already widely disseminated by mainstream medicine.