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Comment: "Free markets" they say, no? Works for me, perfectly, thanks.

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"Free markets" they say, no? Works for me, perfectly, thanks.

Well, people are free to rant about Apple today, just like others did about Microsoft decades ago (and still do, nothing ever difficult, there), or Oracle, or Google, or whatever.

I just find it silly to always hit at the gross obvious branches instead of thinking a little beyond one's nose - for a change - to at least try strike at the root of the moral hazards and the indefensible ideas or customs in (supposedly) "rational" domains (yeah, right).

Waste of time, if one asks me. But that's cool: I can continue make a good living thanks to the captive clients of big lame software which continues to rule. My family first. Sorry! Ah, the irony, though! Isn't it?

"Free markets", no? They can enjoy their going in loops... They can blame Apple Inc. today. And tomorrow? Banana AG? THAT, I just find it REALLY boring. For decades now.

YMMV, sure.

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius