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Comment: Let's get something straight

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Let's get something straight

For whatever reason how the child molestations and rapes happened, the Catholic Church has made amends, sought victims and paid fines, and many of those are still members of the Church.

Today, the rules are so strict, there is no reason for any parent to fear a preist or anyone employed by the Church, or who the Church has working with children. I see the Church has made amends, continues to and I have seen good preists, unfairly targetted and removed, the Church didn't wait for a court.. there's no three strikes.. thinking about it outloud and you're out. NO TOLERANCE.

So I think Ratzinger did a very good job cleaning up what was going on during Saint Paul's tenure.

The Pope is not above judgement, the Church is because of it's nature, in that not all Churches have been guilty of crimes.