Comment: It's all different now

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It's all different now

For your parent's generation a college degree meant a better job. Any degree paid off. And it didn't really cost that much back then so it wasn't much of a risk. In today's world, I think you would be better off approaching college just like you would if you decided to open a business and invest $100,000 or more in equipment or other start up costs. Compare your potential income with and without college. Unless you are planning on entering a field that requires a degree like a doctor or something, you'll have a hard time justifying it. As an example, if you go to a 4 year business school you will have spent $100k for a business degree but you won't know much about business because you will have been taught in a classroom by people who probably never ran one. You could learn more about business from a party store owner by shadowing him for 4 weeks. You can learn more about farming on a farm. You can learn more about hotel management in a hotel, etc. Degrees are worth less to employers now too. As one, unless you were some hot shot student from the best schools, your degree didn't mean anything to me. It used to be that having a degree was an accomplishment. Not so much anymore. I know you probably cheated your way through like so many others. Or maybe you didn't but you might as well have because now your degree is diluted by all the other cheater's degrees. It becomes really obvious when the college grads you hire aren't any better than the high school grads and some cases worse because of higher hopes and expectations.

I wouldn't want to be in your shoes right now. I think an apprenticeship would be a good way to go for most careers now because of the high cost of little education at the colleges. What is it you want to do when you graduate?