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Comment: Notions vs. Definitions

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Notions vs. Definitions

In the first paragraph, you said you didn't call the authors who gamed the system "amoral". This is a non sequiter because I made no mention of amoral. I said a conversation about morality needs to be based on the prevalent definitions of moral and immoral.

And your suggestion that morals are notions but words and their definitions are not, is illogical. Words and their definitions have evolved over time, just like morals. Therefore they are both notions, i.e., evolving opinions and subject to change over time. So when discussing either, the prevalent definition must be used in order to communicate effectively.

Are there any nations or societies on earth that permit the intentional killing of another human being if not for self defense? No. Even wars of aggression are illegal under international law. So based on a moral judgement, the entire world has defined the intentional killing of another human being, if not for self defense, as illegal. And the definition of the word illegal, and morality, are both notions with prevalent definitions. So, if we don't use the prevalent definitions of morals and words, communication is lost. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)