Comment: I just graduated and I know

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I just graduated and I know

I just graduated and I know first hand ... college was a waste of time ... DO NOT TAKE LOANS ... the degree does nothing for you ... so you will just balloon that debt with little chance of getting rid of it anytime soon.

I recommend a trade school. Work as a free assistant in some field that interests you for a little while so you can get your feelers out there to see what you like.


1. you can afford it
2. your parents are rich or won the lottery
3. you plan on becoming a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or anything technical.
4. most private schools are overpriced due to federal aid money ... why pay 25,000 a year tuition when you can get the same degree (piece of paper) from a state or city school in which you will absolutely guaranteed be taught the same propaganda.

I went to business school thinking i was going to learn economics ... and I just found a bunch of people using educating others as a way of validating their own political beliefs and indoctrinating you into theirs by having control over your grade.

whatever you do ... use your head and go into everything you do in life with your eyes as open as possible.

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire