Comment: Let's encourage her.Send

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Let's encourage her.Send

Let's encourage her.

Send Senator Warren an email:

Here's what we sent -- just to give anyone who doesn't know how to start one idea for a template. We need to encourage good behavior -- even if we distrust motivations. If Sen. Warren got a hundred such emails attempting to schedule a thank-you, it could at least bolster her resolve and make a more merry path if she ever contemplates are more libertarian frame of mind.

More bees with honey and all that. Let's give it a try. Post if you did it. Post other template-ish versions for the folks who come next.

Senator Warren,

Thank you so much for your tenacity in questioning those before you in the Senate Banking Committee. My husband and I have been shocked by the actions of both Congress and Mr. Breanne in using taxpayer money as an insurance policy for private financial institutions. We have been actively working to pull all our assets and liabilities out of any bank and financial institution that has received too-big-to-fail government consideration. We assume that many others are doing the same.

We applaud your line of questioning and urge you to continue and to press for a change of policy. We think that, if a significant change in policy doesn't materialize, masses of Americans will decide to re-define who's too big to fail by moving their money as we have.

As the only email we could find for you that didn't tie us into a form was this scheduling email, we'd be happy to schedule a phone thank you, which you are free to arrange through this email address.

Again thank you. You made us feel proud despite that you are long way from being our state senator. Chin up and keep it up.