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Comment: As a damned cowardly liberal lefty brit ..

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As a damned cowardly liberal lefty brit ..

.. it's my instinct to go along with gun "control" ..

... HOWEVER ...

It's obvious that there's a different agenda to the one being presented.

If this was just about the the danger of weapons, then there would be a plan to disarm *all* organisations as well as the public. Planning to disarm only the public is really a plan to intensify the transfer of power from the people to the center of authority. That would make as much sense as total international nuclear disarmament except for Israel.

So, as a damned cowardly liberal lefty brit, i suggest no disarmament unless plans are in place to disarm all organisations (including police, etc) too. Any reasons put forth why any organisation should be exempt from disarming is a reason why the public shouldn't disarm.