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And who funds PETA? Zoos and

And who funds PETA? Zoos and horse meat operations? I don't think so.

Likewise, Monsanto and Tyson Meats don't support the WAPF. Businesses that are in alignment with their principles support them. What's wrong with that? Stop trying to find something diabolical about an organization that clearly exists to preserve food freedom, research important topics that the USDA and FDA refuse to, and encourage better health choices. Look at pictures? That's not any indication of anything.

From their website:

"The main sources of support for the Weston A. Price Foundation are the dues and contributions of its members. The Foundation does not receive funding from the government or the food processing and agribusiness industries. It does accept sponsorships, exhibitors and advertising from small companies by invitation, whose products are in line with WAPF principles. Current sponsors can be seen at the main page of Weston A. Price. The sponsors include meat and fish producers, as well as health product companies."

Do your research and take a hard look at your biases. Leave misinformation to the mainstream media.