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Get Real...

> " it's them dam bankers, socialism for the rich is wrong"

Yes, Absolutely!

Trillions of dollars were looted and stolen by Wall Street and the Bankers, and so now in your mind...this was the fault of the poor people?

Trillions of dollars are wasted everyday on Worldwide criminal violence, murder, torture, and bribery overseas inside Foreign Lands, and yet in your mind this is the fault of the poor people?

You are really sick.

The top 1%-2% in this Country owns all the wealth in this Country. There are one set of "rules" and Laws (Loopholes) that apply to the Rich Elite Criminal Class in this Country, and a completely different set of "rules" and Laws that apply to everybody else. We have socialism for the rich, and austerity for the poor in this Country. We are today already right now one of the worst Nation's in the World in how our Country's wealth is distributed. And one out-of-every four or 25% of the children in this Country lives in a state of total poverty (in this Country). Nobody can even afford to go to College anymore (in just this Country alone, and not as a resident anywhere else in the World). And the poverty gap just grows and grows each and every day.

Yet in the face of these facts, it is the criminal Bankers and Wall Street crooks who are the victims (?) in your twisted mind, and you just want to rip the shirts off the backs of the poor people?

You're a Jacka$$...I bet you just can't wait to see old people dying in the streets, so you can laugh at their desperation. Go back to listening to your Rush Limbaugh brainwashing.......Wall Street, Neocon, Rockefeller scum.