Comment: i guess dp members do not

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i guess dp members do not

i guess dp members do not want to beat establishment in colorado. only a few days left before the vote and we have 10 votes on dp? sad very sad. i hope folks keep bumping this or at least front page. we have a chance to beat est and no one is using it. depressing for sure.

maybe it will get attention if i attack dp or ron paul? seriously though WTF folks? vote and bump up. THIS IS NO JOKE, but looking at some of the titles people are voting up explains it all. People don't want to take action. they just want to bs on silly topics on dp.

Mark Baisley could have a green tongue(normal jolly rancher) and he doesn't want to destroy deer meet while dper's are voting up bs topics. While we have a real battle going on in colorado

Please donate to help beat the establishment or forever enjoy green tongue threads on dp.

Ron Paul 2016