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No That's NOT what I Mean

I mean why do people think it's okay to eat horses? Are people here that unfamiliar with them? I was raised around horses and I know that they are highly intelligent sensitive creatures capable of humor and love and it blows me away that so many people here seem to regard them as nothing but hamburger. Have people become so distanced from nature and even cats, dogs and horses that they know nothing about them AT ALL? Are people so calloused that they can eat their own pets without a thought? I had a horse once that would grab the hose out of the drinking barrel that I would be filling for him and he would squeeze it in his teeth and spray me for fun. Then he would whinny with glee after soaking me. No way could I ever THINK of eating him. And the guy above said he even eats parrots. I have had parrots that had more sense than most people walking around. How could someone just eat a parrot when it has been proven that parrots are VERY intelligent? I don't understand people at all.