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Can't Disagree With This - ALSO.....

I also went to college and have experience with management and can tell you right now: a Degree is one of the last things people look at - UNLESS - as the dude above said - it's going to be something TECHNICAL.

I would add this:

1) Look for what interests YOU and go get any job related to that field.
2) Throw logic OUT THE WINDOW.

The Key:
You can absolutely make anything happen, the only thing that separates Successful people from the others is that the Successful ones did Good Work CONSISTENTLY. It's not about crazy-good talent. There are plenty of shitty movies, shitty beers, shitty restaurants etc. that stay in business because the owner is at least applying CONSISTENT effort the best he can.

Find something you THINK YOU MIGHT ENJOY and do it consistently. Small, consistent effort is how you lay the bricks for your EMPIRE....or whatever you want.

What are your natural talents?
What do you enjoy doing?
When you were in your best moments - what inspired ideas occurred to you?

You can become filthy rich doing anything, so don't labor on "which industry should I get into" -> just pinpoint your interests and go work there.

RISK following your Interests.

*Pitfalls: Do not wait for the 'right' thing. Get an idea AND DIVE IN.