Comment: Seriously, sounds like a great idea.

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Seriously, sounds like a great idea.

Seriously, sounds like a great idea.

Don't give a dime to whatever the statists will try to sell you to grab you and handcuff you to a curriculum that doesn't even appeal to you - or worse, that could depress you.

You are really BLESSED, as I see it - in these times we live. You can stay at home, work for the family business, get paid for it (and not put yourself in the debt owned to bankster, just so you can live in A STORAGE CLOSET miles away from your folks).

Totally. Just DO IT. Give yourself a year, make yourself a little money, and that might be one of the rare opportunities OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE where you'll be able to ponder, for the best of yourself, about this at an important moment:

1. what do I like / love the REALLY most to do? (list a couple things, in order of prefs.)

2. in which ONE(S) am I excellent or very good or good already?

3. HOW COULD I MAKE money in that one / those?

4. (optional) WHAT DID I DREAM to create NEW in #1 in the world?

(... and all while you're saving from your job's salary at the parents - btw, #1 could very well be the family business you ought to give serious thoughts a priori, albeit it's never mandatory - your parents will be delighted to see you EXCEL in whatever domain you enjoy, anyway)

Then, from that point on : if you can find appealing answers by yourself and from the feedback of those who care around you (your folks) ... you're GUARANTEED TO SUCCEED in whatever you'll have chosen to commit yourself into.

That's the thing :

finding out about the #1 above - that's the gem to find in yourself. And NOBODY can find it for you.

And you could give yourself a year for that with the parents ?


If you believe in yourself, FIRST, and in liberty... well, you rock already - compared to the average of today's masses your age.

'Hope it helps,

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius