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Yes, i was a state delegate

Yes, i was a state delegate and pcp in lake 2008 and a state delegate and pcp in denver in 2012. I plan on being a state delegate in 2016 and pcp in feb 2014. Though i go to the meetings and expressed interest over the last 3 months in being a pcp with a 8 year record for activism. They appointed(since it wasn't a caucus) someone to the pcp even though this person hasn't shown to meetings or gone door to door in my town like i have. She didn't even show to the executive voting meeting where i was a guest? GO FIGURE. I will be the pcp in feb 2014 caucus if the gop wants to win in my county.

Their actions have motivated me to form a voter education group in my county. We will use this group to educate folks in our county and some select state races so our county voting base will know who opposes the colorado constitution. I want to focus on accountability and i think the legalize marijuana issue will be the perfect issue to motivate our majority voter base and hold all candidates in our county or state races accountable to the voters. so far everyone i have talked to loves the idea, so i have some work to do on this in the next few months to get ready for nov 2014 election.

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