Comment: God bless Rand Paul

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God bless Rand Paul

I have been hitting Rand Paul pretty hard in this forum over the past few weeks especially about this Chuch Hagel confirmation. I wish he would have been honest and proudly support Hagel and go on offense against the neo-cons, sort of what Hagel did in the Senate and his father did in the house.
In any event, I was so excited about Rand's vote last night that I had trouble sleeping. No Joke! I was thrilled and honestly surprised. He had NO reason to vote yes since there was so much political cover and it was going to happen anyway. This is the FIRST sign Rand Paul is like his dad to buck the GOP establishment. Can we get more please:)
I will email his office today. Please join me in calling or emailing his office to thank him for his vote of courage.
Funny how Fox news and Karl Rove have been in love with Rand but last night on Fox, they NEVER mentioned Rand's vote. How clever!