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Comment: This sort of thing was used

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This sort of thing was used

a lot back in the 60's and 70's against activists, but I'm not
sure but what there are new elements to this.

As I understand it, the 5th Amendment protection against
compelled self-incriminating testimony has been held not
to apply to grand jury proceedings. So, those who refuse to
answer questions during such proceedings can be held in
contempt and jailed until they cooperate or until the term
of the grand jury expires - which could be a year or more.

No penalty of course for prosecutors who abuse the
grand jury system fishing for information.

What I don't understand here is whether a judge has held
these people in contempt or whether this is the NDAA
in action. Anyhow, good for those folks for not cooperating,
kind of restores my faith in the younger generation.

Now I could use something to restore my faith in my
own lame ass Boomer generation - although there are
some folks here on DP that do help in that respect!