Comment: Nope. Not buying it

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Nope. Not buying it

Don't fall for this fearmongering reporting. Silver use in industry is the LEVELING factor in its price, not a runaway freight train causing it to skyrocket uncontrollably.

Silver use in mirrors used to be primary, now they use vapor deposition of aluminum.

Silver use in electronics, predominantly mobile, is growing some but the recycling is too and the device consolidation is ramping up. (One device replaces 4)

Silver use in solar is only justified by a) the current relative high cost of the PV cells and b) the low cost of silver. Other conductors will be substituted with minimal losses for cheaper costs once performance wars settle some.

PV solar cells are nowhere near the efficiency of CSP solar which will dramatically overtake and virtually kill the market very soon.

All non-hospital antiseptic use will soon be seen for the super-bug creator that it is - hopefully.

Don't fall for this fear. Every high-content silver industrial use is in or will soon be in decline, in direct proportion to its cost. It is ONLY collector demand and the sub-genre of mega-banks deleveraging their paper, that will drive this market.