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Comment: We are an older couple with a homestead in Wyoming

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We are an older couple with a homestead in Wyoming

37plus acres, and two homes. Off grid, with other homestead things, including fruit trees, etc. We built many self sufficient type things into our place. However, at our ages, we need to live near family, so we need to sell. We were going to finish the unfinished parts to get more for our homestead, but since you are a builder, you could finish it, and it would go for less. It is, however liveable now, as we have lived here since 2000. It is gorgeous, the area is nice, nurses are needed in town, building is down, but with several oil producing/mining coming up, and other businesses moving in, it is possible that changes. If you are interested, email me by clicking on my name. The only pollen problem we have noticed here is in the spring by the ponderosa pine trees, but with the wind, it usually is very short. There are plenty of trees on this homestead, enough for wood heat.