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I have a champion and vitamix, and plan to begin breaking my lemonade fast today with juice and miso, if I can remember to buy it.

Tomorrow when I head to the convention, I will be bringing with me 2 frizen bottles of lemonade and bringing an additional one for the road. I'm feeling great, not weak. I'm actually surprized how well the fast os going on that I have not really been hungry (part of me thinks wow, I could stretch this lemonade part out longer at this rate.. but I don't want to, I had some good belly vegan probiotocs and will have some of that today.. I have two weeks now of a supplomented lemonade diet, just adding miso and juice,

I ordered some business cards for the trip and will send you one. I've been really busy and and am grateful to God for that.

Ohhhhh yeah. I'm not little. I'm statuesque more of a Bea Authur than Betty White