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This seems contrary to...

what the anarchists have been saying in previous comments. They argue that a completely free market means the absence of gov't. That is until it serves their purpose to argue otherwise.

Saying conservatives and libertarians want no regulation is incorrect. Libertarian Ron Paul advocates for limited government, which explicitly means some regulation. I'm a conservative and support the concept of limited government with minimal taxation and regulation.

Your framing of the choices, i.e., the left wants to regulate everything and the right wants no regulation, precludes a reasonable middle ground. Bipartisan leaders and media deliberately eliminate a middle ground option for the purpose of dividing the electorate and leaving citizens with a choice between two evils.

Also, I believe that insiders who craft regulation, do so in a way that's intended not to work. Then they say that representative gov't doesn't work and the people are getting what they deserve. It's about shifting blame for crimes committed by elected leaders onto voters, who only have a choice between two evils. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)