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Comment: In the case of Islamic extremists...

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In the case of Islamic extremists...

their morality trancends the physical body, so they stone women for alleged immoral behavior as a means to defend the immortal soul from condemnation, and defend the collective spiritual life of the community. This same rationale justifies suicide bombings. So in their eyes, it is an act of self defense. I believe Muslims are being intentionally radicalized by perverted Islamic sects like Wahhabism. The purpose of which is to subvert a univerally accepted notion of morality. Wahhabism is the official sect of the Saudi royal family, which is on its face corrupt and immoral. And Saudi royals fund a global network of Islamic extremism. The following link demonstrates this.

And of course, the fascist US and Saudi regimes are "allies" in the War on Terror. They use each others fascist global policies to justify more immoral oppression of their respective populations. This Sunni/Anglo fascist agenda is part of the larger Sino/Shia, Sunni/Anglo fascist global agenda, which includes Communist China and its client state, Shia Iran. This immoral arrangement allows fascist regimes, with similar objectives, to play both sides of global conflicts intended to subvert universal notions of morality. Syria is a prime example, the US and Saudi regimes support the Islamic extremist Free Syrian Army, and China/Iran support Assad's brutal regime. This global scheme is designed to always leave the people with a choice between two evils. These short video clips demonstrate that China, a US partner, is arming Iran with nuclear and chemical weapons technology.

The end game of immoral fascist elites is to make China's totalitarian regime the new host of a Globalized Military Industrial Complex. Why? Because in spite of all its flaws, the U.S. is founded on universally accepted notions of morality. The US gov't, Federal Reserve and Wall Street are intentionally bankrupting the U.S. government. This bankruptcy will be used as an excuse to demilitarize the U.S. while China continues its military buildup. This short clip demonstrates China's "unprecedented military buildup."

Getting back to your comment, the death penalty is clearly the State acting in self defense on behalf of citizens.

And there are various punishments for murder, but universal agreement that murder is immoral. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)