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Ratzinger is retirering for accepted reasons.

What's interesting to me is how the Church is targetted, after years of trials, payments, changes in Church rules dealing with people and children.

Yes, I think the Church has been infiltraited, and MSM burns the flames to take down the Church, who fights against a culture of death and destruction.

And yes, the Church was slow to respond because so many were in disbelief that a preist would do this to our children? Preists are men, so respect was taught, that you are not to be alone with a preist, confession boxes had particians.. so the child molestation and rape charges were very difficult to accept and understand. It was a hard shock and very dissappointing, but it did not stop the faithful from Church, and many victims remain alter boys even as grown men, openly homosexual, with a partner, content to not be married, and sometimes, getting a preist to marry them at the retirement of the preist.

And yes, seriously, I believe many attempts on the Church are made in many ways and this was one.. because these article never mention other Churchs, and that does not mean it does not happen in other Churchs.. it does.

Under Benedict, the Angelican Church came into the priesthood of the RCC, as some Anglican Priests are married, so the RCC now has married priests.

The Church will survive infiltration, exposition, defamation created to destroy it for a UN Agenda.