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Drinking beer and chatting up girls

That line reminded me of this from the Onion:

Ha ha. But the key point you really drive home is this:

Knowledge is free anyways and everywhere.

What a profound point. Reminds me of the Kahn Academy: "Learn almost anything for free."

This brings up another point: A college degree is a credential. It is a piece of paper that opens the door to a variety of opportunities. As a friend put it "the only time you need it is when you don't have it."

A college degree is an investment, because it does open doors. But like any investment, you should try to minimize the price you pay for it. Buy low and sell high. It is the same for any investment: Stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals, and a college education.

To that end, do your first two years at a community college while you live at home. You can supplement your learning with free online sources, like the Kahn Academy. You can also test out of the need to take some classes.

In many ways, you'll have a richer experience: Two years at community college, two years at the University. What are the differences? Who is working harder?

After being in the workforce for a few years, I went back to community college to learn web design, back in 1999. My timing was good enough that I was just able to catch the tail end of the boom and get a job in the industry before everything crashed.

There was a real diversity of students at the CC. And one thing that another older student pointed out, which we cracked up over, was that you could tell who was paying for their own education, and who was getting a free ride on their parents' dime. Those paying for their own education took things much more seriously.

He's the man.