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you might have a whitish film on your tongue, if anything. There could be many reasons why your tongue could be "green."

In Five Element Theory (FET), and Chinese Medicine (CM), practitioners may evaluate your tongue, your eyes, and your skin. They are looking for certain hues, and even smells that come off these body parts. It can give practitioners clues as to your lifestyle habits, and organ health.

Bare with me here- I like writing about alternative medicine- gonna try and break it down in English.

Accupuncturists, naturopaths, and other holistic therapists/practitioners look at the macrosystem (earth, the universe) and apply all that they observe in life and the natural elements around them and apply it to the microsystem (the body).

Let's just look at FET which is similar to CM-

There are five elements that exist in nature in FET: earth, water, fire, metal, and wood.

out of fire comes ash (earth); within earth we find metal; metal gives rise to condensation; giving us water, as well as, chops wood... and on and on.

Each organ possesses a physical quality:

Liver is associated with the color green. The liver governs toxicity within the body, and it's job is to detoxify, and feed the brain glucose- hence without a liver we don't exist- they call the liver 'the general' since it delegates so many roles for different organs- digestion, filtration, energy production, hormone production...

Back to green. Ever see someone who was really, drunk (inTOXICated), what color are they? what color is their skin? a shade of green perhaps. Ever see someone who has jandice? what color are their eyes (whites)? yellow-green. If someone is toxic, their tongue color is greenish, signifying a liver imbalance.

So, as someone mentioned, their tongue turns "green" with coffee. Coffee after it's digested is acidic within the blood. Hence it lowers the bloods pH. Now onto wood element.

Liver is governed by the element of wood. Wood rises from the Earth. What color is would (think china, think bamboo, think young trees) Therefore, liver has a upward rising energy. What emotion would you say has an upward rising energy? Ever hear the term he's a hot head? Meaning bad temper. What do many drunks do when they drink? Do they have a predisposition to anger? I say yes.

more on liver 5 element theory:

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