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A couple of options

a community college is half the cost of a 4 year college and the credits usually transfer. After 2 years transfer to a 4 year school to finish up. Whether you take the year off or not I would suggest starting at a community college. Lower cost while you figure things out. Besides the first 2 years of college is just a load of general studies nonsense that has little to do with your major. Why pay full price for that?!!

Also, to help you get an idea of what your missing you may want to live on campus with friends while you work and they go to school. You get the fun side of college without the headaches. Plus you can get an insight of what it is all about and may help you determine if it is worth the cost and effort. I had a great time at school but you don't have to be a student to get most of the experience. Just live there.

Don't forget trade schools. College is not for most people. 2 out of 3 drop out. I think mostly because they discover it is not what they want to do. Therefore, make sure you really know what you want to do and find out how to get there. Don't worry it may change a few times and you may want to do many things. You just need to be honest with yourself and make a plan. The plan may include college, a trade school, or anything else that gets you there.