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Absolutely a tyrannical leader

And of course they exist in the private sector! That is how you get things done, and that is what the private sector is all about. Noam Chomsky calls corporations "Private Tyrannies:"

Just remember that when you graduate from college, you'll be expected to join up with one of those "private tyrannies." And depending on which one you join, expect to check your "rights" at the door, and expect:

- dress codes
- drug tests
- no freedom of speech
- having your hours tightly controlled and monitored ("At your desk by 8:00am, son!")
- having your electronic communications tightly monitored and controlled via keystroke loggers.

The Constitution doesn't apply inside those private tyrannies.

Once you check in, you may as well be a slave. The only difference is they throw you some FRNs every two weeks in exchange for your freedom.

I'll bet you didn't learn that in college!

He's the man.