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Comment: You could move to Alaska. :)

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You could move to Alaska. :)

Pretty small natural growing season there too.. The land is dirt cheap.. only about 700,000 people in a state the size of 1/6th the size of the lower 48 combined. 300,000 in Anchorage and 100,000 in Fairbanks with the remaining pretty much spread out.. A lot of growing room there if you're worried about neighbors being nosy lol.

I bought land there awhile back and I have one neighbor down the lake that lives there 6 months out of the year and the next nearest is 10 miles through the woods (no roads) and the next is about 80 miles.

Almost perfect if you ask me. No neighbors is better but I've come to realize that even in Alaska, it's hard to find a place for sale that has nobody near it for 100 miles.

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