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maybe i have had a bitter

maybe i have had a bitter experience acquiring a degree. It only takes a couple people who hate you from preventing your having a career. i lost respect for the system that punishes the behaviour of learning languages that were not taught in school, and having a low g.p.a., while maxing out on c.l.e.p. credits, just so that you have a promised career coming out of the gate, so only the piece of paper mattered.

my plans hinged on a singular entry into a career, with five rudimentary languages having been acquired.

but that person reneged and backstabbed me. it only takes one person to f*ck up your life.

i couldn't even find fast food after that. i wandered homeless for the next 3 years.

so whoever is downvoting me, F*CK U, i was reading a book a night and foregoing fornication. you were the muck at my feet.