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Comment: What to do

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What to do

Something that most people don't do is take some off time and see part of the world we live in.

After 18 years of being in High School, take time for yourself. Earn enough money to take a three week trip to somewhere you have never been.

Learn to appreciate the other people, customs and enjoyment of meeting others.

I think it is important before you have to settle down into a routine to have some time specifically for you and no one else.

Summer will be here in no time. Set aside some money for going somewhere in the US or Europe you have never been. When we make friends with people of other nationalities or places, we are less likely to want to do them harm. They are our friends and mostly, it is the governments that cause strife, not people.

See if there is someone that wants to do the same thing, Male or Female. Plan it out, adjust for rising costs and have 25% more money than you estimated you need.

Breaks like this are important..... When and if you finish college, or a technical school, do it again. Our brains and bodies need this time to unwind.

Hope this helps