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Comment: Not going to happen

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Not going to happen

Anybody who understands anything about the Swiss would realize that they are not going to be banning guns anytime soon. They could put all the international pressure they want, but fact is, almost everything that happens in Switzerland is due to public referendum, and the Swiss could care less about public opinion outside their borders, examples:

1. They refused to join the European Union (smart move on their part) ... by public majority vote
2. They have never succumbed to any pressure to join other countries in their military campaigns
3. They even have a "right to die" organization, Dignitas; for people with terminal illnesses.
There are many other examples, but basically the Swiss have never had a pattern of making decisions based upon factors outside their own borders (unless of course it involves making a profit off the stupidity of policies of other nations)

The only thing the Swiss might do, regarding guns, is make special laws for non-citizens. For example, they might not allow US citizens to carry guns, if the US pressures them. Note, even when the Swiss gave up part of their bank secrecy policies, they only exposed the finances of US citizens.