Comment: Dont believe this junk

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Dont believe this junk

Cancer is not a fungus!!!
You dont have to take my word for it: go to a pathology lab and look at cancer cells under a microscope, the look nothing like a fungus and have torally different structure. Indeed, fungal cells are surrounded by a cell wall. Human cells have no wall, only a membrane.

As for alkalinity: your body functions in a narrow pH band. Enough Bicarbonate can cause pH to rise but this is NOT safe, an alkaline pH, particularly if rapidly achievef, can cause fatal arrhythmia.
Moreover, your body will fight the change: respiratory rate will drop to allow CO2 to build up (CO2 forms carbonic acid), and kidneys will eliminate bicarb at higher rate, among other things.

So, casual consumption of bicarb wont fo anything to pH and purpiseful consumption of amounts that can change it is very dangerous.

The danger in believing things like this is that it makes legitimate concerns regarding big Pharma appear to Come from kooks who know nothing. People who have doubts about the power of big Pharma should start using more reasond and legitimate attacks rather than fanciful notions of bicarbonate curing cancer or that cancer is a fungus and it is a secret that somehow millions of scientists are hiding.

Attack big Pharma directly and have legitimate and verifiable attacks rather than ridiculous notions such as this. No one anywhere who has even a modicum of knowledge of human physiology and direct experience treating these diseases and examining them under microscopes would ever take anyone seriously who proposed the cancer was actually fungus or that something like consumption of sodium bicarbonate would cure it.