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The US military created the problem

Whether or not this is specifically written in the Constitution, if the US military caused a problem that is destroying the ecosystem of Guam, then the Federal Government should be held accountable. Whether or not the solution is going to work, I do think it is appropriate that the government is attempting to remedy the situation.

I also think that calling attention to something like this, and criticizing the policy, is the type of thing that has alienated many voters against the Republican Party, which has a reputation for being anti-environment. There are many problems with big government solutions in the name of environmental protection (i.e., the EPA creates more problems than it solves) but criticizing the more legitimate efforts just reinforces the false perceptions such as: "libertarians want to remove govt. regulations = they are unconcerned about the environment" when in fact libertarians are very concerned about the environment, but they simply believe that the government is too incompetent to be put in charge of taking care of the environment.

This effort might be one of the exceptions, where in fact the government might accomplish something positive.