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There are a ton of people here that I would love to hang out with in the real world. The sound junkies make me smile every day/night. I like to laugh and there are some people over there who crack me up on a regular basis. I have also met a travel partner here, so far it looks like Siberia and Bhutan are in the itinerary... we have not emailed or anything yet and we should probably get on top of that.

I'm a pretty friendly person and I bet in the real world I could get along with almost anyone here (well, except for that one guy... I think he might be a fed and he thinks I might be a fed so it would never work). However, the whole idea of meeting people from the internet is kind of intimidating.It would take a lot for me to trust random internet person enough to meet them in the real world, however if it was going to happen I could see it happening with people from this site because I think most people here are good people.

That being said I left you a shout out in the jam session Michael :)