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Well I have issues

with the whole capital letter name thing. And I don't have brushes with the law and by the time I do the law will be a law unto itself and all the common law defence in the world will not work. Until that time I keep my nose clean.

I enjoyed listening to Chomsky. Some of the Pilger information on East Timor was expanded for me. I do not think I understood from Pilger that the United States funded the Indonesians. I still don't understand why in the world they did that tot he Timor people. The only think I can grasp is that Chomsky said something about the new government that had taken over timor and I am thinking maybe it was communist? Was the whole slaughter of East Timor to "stamp out Communism?"

Yes, Gatto and self testing, he mentioned that he would re-write by hand papers 20 time arguing with himself. That is what reminded me of you.

I like the Radicals for Capitalism link because it explains the shades of grey. Since I tend see black and white, I do not see various shades and ideas regarding capitalism and socialism. I think now after talking with you I have a grasp of criminalism (I wonder if that is a word?) But I did not know there are left, right and center socialist ideas.

"If the ideas and the thinking on political economy I try to convey to you works in you as your ideas and thinking on scripture works in me, then persistence works in time. I do not see how it works now, but in time I begin to see, and it helps to have someone who already sees to review my sense of progress."

Yes, thank you for your patience on my behalf. My mind is more open now, hopefully my brains won't fall