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Comment: Okay. I seem to have "struck a nerve"

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Okay. I seem to have "struck a nerve"

with some of you for asking that. I'm a little confused as to why, but I'll ask again:

My original question was 2 part: What does the OP's thread have to do with the "Liberty Movement" or "Ron Paul"? I heard what you said about "the best blogspot," Liz, but that's not an explaination as to why people that think like you and I (or are more aligned in that thinking) on this specific reason. I didn't come here because "I heard it was the best blogspot." No offense.

I'll give an example: someone makes a post about making a rocket stove. Why? Because using rocket stoves decreases the use of gas/electricity and, in theory and practicality, makes a person "more independent."

Another: A thread was started on the software called Diebold. Diebold was mentioned in testimony back in 2003, regarding voter fraud. Voter fraud is a way to suppress a democratic voting process, thus, it's "Liberty Movement" oriented.

How does this person "add to the Liberty Movement" by asking everyone where they should move and the best reasons for that?

You can down vote me, just give me the courtesy of a reason.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.