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Attend a Community College...

...for the first two years and then transfer as a junior to a 4-year. CC's are much cheaper and just as effective for your first two years provided you take it seriously. CC's have a better scheduling system than most 4-year schools do making it easier to work and pay your way through. Once you've transferred to a 4-year, load up on as many classes as you can and finish as soon as you can to save money. My wife and I are both professors at a CC and we've seen huge benefits to those that go that route.

In fact, in some states you can attend a CC while still in high school. Several programs here in California allow you to obtain your AA or AS degree and your high school diploma at the same time which means you could potentially graduate from a 4-year by the time you are about 20 years old. Look into it.

If you want to do the gap approach (though I recommend against it), I would put it after completing an AA/AS degree.

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