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Brave! But is it competitive?

I admire their brave and wish them all good luck!
But in essence, I understand that their idea is to go to Mars and die there! And they want to screen participants for mental health? Well, quite alot are suicidal, so that part might be easy.

First step planned, rounding Mars and returning to Earth, would be great!

But one way trips to the surface of Mars makes me wonder. Aren't there already automatic rovers there doing extremely good science? What would a human being really do there in the desert with his clumpsy gloves holding some rock, need for changing and washing sweaty clothes, need for sleep, need for a food stock, need for a toilette, need for oxygene and an a/c and so on?

I bet he or she would get very bored within a week. And then what, for the rest of ones life in a bungaloo on Mars with no hope of returning to Earth? Drinking your own filtrated urine in the bungaloo. Having a stroll in the empty unchanging desert outdoors. Well I won't book a ticket for that trip. As little as I'd camp for ever on Antarctica (at least one can breathe there!)

I'd bet automatic rovers are much better and cheaper in order to explore Mars!