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For several years...

...I only consumed organic, Certified Humane meat and dairy and I took supplements every day, including the complete Omega by New Chapter. Yet I was still frequently nauseas, had daily hot flashes, mild depression, moodiness, lethargy, and could not lose the menopausal weight I had gained. The neck pain was constant. I tried EVERYTHING and had all the blood tests done (which showed everything was normal).

Nothing worked until I gave up meat and dairy, on the advice of a doctor. It's been amazing -- no more moodiness, nausea, hot flashes. My clothes fit better, my skin looks better, and I have more energy than I've had in years. I actually enjoy going to the gym now! My neck pain has subsided substantially too (though I'm sure that's partly because I resigned from my career and now go to the gym every day)

I posted this video partly in case there are other women around my age out there who want to feel better and have tried everything, including medication, without success. I know there are open-minded people on Daily Paul that are at least willing to look at the research and listen to what Campbell has to say.