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I second this , you save so

I second this , you save so much more money. Attending a Community College is just logical. It is what I did and it works better than paying full tuition for the first 2 years of courses that most of us really don't need in the big picture anyway. Be sure to strongly consider doing this. Also when you know what you want to study in the 4 year school be sure to work with the university to know what classes will and will not be accepted from your Community college into the major at the Major University.

Unless you're pretty rich, this is just such a logical thing to do. Do studying into the various majors to know what major you want in the long run if you're ready to make a decision.

Break year sounds like a good Idea i took a break in the middle of school (sorta) and I'm due to graduate very soon. CC was a good idea after seeing these prices. Its starting to go from being just high costs to being a scam.. The books are a scam thats just a fact. They reprint books every year sometimes two wth barely a few words changed. CC is a better tradeoff.