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Comment: I differ on this

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I differ on this

The only 2 things that have ever made me question AJ is his lack of balanced coverage on what Ryan Dawson @RyLiberty exposed in his film War By Deception. Dawson exposed he entire ring of 'dancing' Israelis we hear about but never has been followed up by AJ in a documentary. That's he first red flag. The other is his behavior at John Bush's 2 n Amendment rally in Austin Tx a few years ago. He was disruptive with his blow horn and they nicely asked him to stop and he seemingly behaved obnoxiously. What doesn't make me suspicious is his invites to major shows. There have been quite a few of us requesting that the Stern Show please have someone from the liberty movement on the show for the last several years. Make sure to Tweet DailyPaul/LewRockwell front page news to Howard and his crew. Robin has used two stories in her news that I tweeted to her. Robin Quivers @rqui was a big reason AJ got on. I sent her the story of the Kennedy's questioning of the 60's Kennedy assassinations. Howard mentioned after the AJ interview that he still bought the single billet theory. Robin immediately told him that the family doesn't even believe it. Everyone's work big or small is paying off. Gary Dell'Abate Stern Show Executive Producer ( @robertAbooey ) Benjy Bronk ( @bronk ) Fred Norris ( @FredNorris ) Official Show Twitter ( @SternShow ) Show NeoCon Scott Depace ( @SDepace